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42. Make estimator run from an usb hard drive

Browse with your windows explorer to the Program Files folder. There you see a folder named Java. (If you don't see this folder, you first have to install Java.)  In this folder
there is another folder called jre8. Copy the jre8 folder to your usb hard drive. If you have a DB folder copy it to the bin folder in the jre8 folder. Download the jar file from the frontpage of this website. Place the jar also in the bin folder. In the jre8 folder you create a file called Estimator.bat. You can do this easily with notepad. Place the following
text in the Estimator.bat file.

echo off
cd bin
java -jar Estimator_x.xx.jar

Of course the Estimator_x.xx.jar should be replaced with the name of the jar file you downloaded. For example Estimator_1.95.jar. Save the file.

You can start Estimator anywhere from your usb drive, without that the host computer as any Java installed. Simply double click the Estimator.bat file.

It is possible to change to configuration as you like. For example rename the jre8 folder to Portable_Estimator_Application.