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36. Import project cost types from excel

Example xls file: costtypes.xls

Place this file in the Documents folder.

We are going to try to change some prices in the project cost type library thru importing them from excel. Select in the menu bar: System > Project cost type library.

We are going to adapt the prices of 1050 track hoe operator and of 1060 dozer operator. In the next image of the excel sheet we can see what the target prices are.

When we open the excel sheet, we see prices 30 and 35 for cost types 1050 and 1060. Now let's try to import them into the project cost type library. Close the excel sheet in case you opened it.

Let's now import the excel sheet. Select in the menu bar: File > Import from excel.

Select the file with file name: costtypes.xls.

Click on the button: Import from excel.

As we can see, the prices are updated with those from the excel sheet. Select in the menu bar: System > Estimator.