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35. Export dim pad to excel

Click on the spreadsheet / dim pad button. So we can the focus there.

Select a cell in the spreadsheet. For example A1.

Now we have focus in the right part of the view and we are ready to export the spreadsheet belonging to the specification with number 20. Select in the menu bar: File > Export to excel.

Enter a file name. For example: calc_export

Click on the "Export to excel" button to complete the action.

Nothing happens in this view. Open the file explorer.

Open now the folder with the file: calc_export.xls. And open the file.

We cannot see cells A to G. This is because Estimator uses the column with for its own purposes. Let's change that. Press Ctrl-A to select all cells.

From the menu bar select: Format > Column > Width...

Check Default Value.

Click on OK.

Select for example cell A1 to unmark the cells.

We have exported the spreadsheet form the dim pad. Result is shown below. Close now LibreOffice Calc.

Click on Save.

Click on Use Microsoft Excel 97-2003 Format. And we finished this chapter.