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34. Import excel into dim pad

Example xls file: calc.xls

Place this file in the Documents folder.

Click on the dim pad / spreadsheet button.

Select the specification with number 20.

Select cell A1. If you select a cell in the spreadsheet, then the focus moves to there. If we import an excel file while the focus is in the spreadsheet, then it will import the excel file into the spreadsheet / dim pad. If the focus is in the specification part it wil import the excel file into the specification part.

Select in the menu bar: File > Import from excel.

Select calc.xls.

Click on the button: Import from excel.

Select cell A1 and follow the next steps to recalculate the spreadsheet. And then F2 or click another time in the cell. So it becomes editable.

And then press enter. The spreadsheet recalculates and also the quantity in the selected specification.

Quantity has now taken the value of the recalculated cell A1.