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29. What about formulas in a spreadsheet which you like to import?

We added some formulas to an excel sheet with cost prices. On the right side we have made an analysis of the cost / hour of a dozer. We uses a sum formula to sum all costs. The total is in the right red box. In the left red box is a reference to the total. Download the excel sheet here

Select in the menu bar: Project cost type library.

As you can see has the cost type dozer the value 35.28. Lets change that to the calculated value from a value in the excel sheet. Select in the menu bar: File > Import from excel.

Select the file: default cost type library with formulas.xls.

Click on the Import from excel button.

As you can see below, several items have been added from the excel sheet. You see also that dozer has now the value 51.66 instead of 35.28. The application imports the excel sheet en calculates the formulas inside it. The results are places in the library. The excel sheet itself is not saved in memory, it just calculates the values and copies the results. Select in the menu bar: System > Estimator.

The value of dozer has changed here too.