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11. Make and print a proposal

We want to make a proposal. So first we add an address to the address book. Select in the menu bar: System > Contact library.

Enter an address:
organization: Fantasy State
contact: Mr. X
address 1: Flowerstreet 1
address 2:
postal code: 2002
city: Funny City
state /  province: 
telephone number: 0112-23 45 00
fax number:
e-mail address:

Enter another address:
Constructions Pvt. Ltd
Address: 73 – H/ II, Dixon Lane, Los Angeles

We go now to the text editing part of the application. Where we can make our proposal. Select in the menu bar: System > Proposal library. First we make the upper part of our proposal. Then the lower part. In the middle are our specifications with prices.

To make a new proposal, click on the insert button.

Name the proposal for example: proposal 0.

Click on the insert button.

Click on the stop button. The insert form will disappear.

Select: proposal 0

Click on the Select upper part button.

Click in the editing part. So the cursor has a position. Next we want to select an address in the address book. Select in the menu bar: Contact > Insert.

Select a row with the address you want to insert.

Click the green check mark button.

Make three empty rows and on the fourth you set the cursor.

Select in the menu bar: Contact > Insert.

Select a row.

Click on the green check mark button.

We have a logo, so we add six empty rows where the red circle is.

Edit the text like this for example. (You can copy this text from your browser. But paste it first in notepad. Otherwise you copy html markup in the editor and it is a html editor. You will see that strange boxes appear. So, first paste it in notepad. And then copy it from notepad to the Estimator Application. This way you get rid of the html markup.)
Constructions Pvt. Ltd
Address: 73 – H/ II, Dixon Lane, Los Angeles

Fantasy State
Mr. Joseph Richards (executive director)
Flowerstreet 1
2002 Funny City
0112-23 45 00

Contact Number: 63841043947350
Name of project: Broadway Road Construction Project

Respected Sir,

The upper part is ready. Now, lets go to the lower part. Select in the menu bar: System > Proposal library. An alternative route is that you click on the l-button next to the home button. The l means "lower part proposal". We are now in the upper part of the proposal. In the lower part proposal we find the u button. Which means "upper part proposal". They are for quickly changing between both views.

Click on the Select lower part button.

Add the following text:
Area of construction: Shildon town in east London.
Time frame for execution of the construction project: 2nd August, 2011 – 15th October, 2011.

Estimated cost of the total project: $ 503,334.81.

The objectives planned to be achieved by this construction project are stated below:

* Construction of a road of high quality that would ensure easy transportation.
* The path to be followed by the road has been designed so as to connect the major trading spots and business houses, industries and commercial areas.
* The engineers to be involved in the construction work will be given advanced training of new techniques and methods.

Work Plan to be adopted for road construction:

* To start with, this project, a workshop is to be organized first in collaboration with the local municipal authorities and discuss all pros and cons of the construction issue in that particular area.
* A project manager is to be appointed who is to prepare the construction schedule, allocate manpower, equipments and machines and also handle the budget.
* Other workers need to be assigned for different jobs involved in the project.
* Each step of construction needs proper analysis and corrections whenever required.
* A final overview is to be prepared after completion of the project.

Best regards,


Select in the menu bar: System > Estimator.

Lets print the proposal. Select in the menu bar: Print > Proposal.

Select the PDF printer. Click the OK button.

For the file name enter: Proposal_0.

Click the Save button.

Now open the pdf file.