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05. Create a project

In the menu bar select: System > Project library.

Edit the fields.
contract#: 001-2012
description: Road construction
client: New York City
start date: 10/1/12 (when do you start to make your estimation)
bid date: 10/3/12
status: to do

Make another project. Click on the insert button in the toolbar. The font color of the row is red, because this project is being used. Otherwise it is black.

In the insert field you enter a new project. For example:
number: 1
contract#: 002-2012
description: Demolition building
client: Atlanta
start date: 12/01/2012
bid date: 12/3/2012
the work field is not editable
status: unknown

When entering the data, you see a button in the 'start date' field. Press that button.

Choose the correct date. And continue entering data.

Click on the insert button to the right of the insert form.

Click on the stop button. (This is not necessary.) As you can see, the undo button is disabled again. Inserting and deleting a project cleans the undo, redo list.

Go back to the estimator screen. Select in the menu bar: System > Estimator.