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03. Add cost groups to the default cost group library

Select in the menu bar: System > Default cost group library. Alternatively, you could press Alt+4.

Click on the insert button on the toolbar. Or press the insert key on your keyboard.

Enter the data in the insertion form.
number: 1
description: EQUIPMENT

Click on the insert button of the insert form.

Insert some more groups:
number: 2
description: WAGES
number: 3
description: MATERIALS
number: 4
number: 5
description: MISCELLANEOUS

Now go back to the estimator screen, select in the menu bar: System > Estimator. Alternatively you can press ALT-2, three times CTRL-LEFT, ALT-E or press the home button on the toolbar. So, several options are available to move around. Even ten times CTRL-RIGHT is possible. The CTRL-LEFT or CTRL-RIGHT is always the same fixed rotation.