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02. Add cost types to the default cost type library

Go to the default cost type library. Select in the menu bar: System > Default cost type library.

Click on the insert button.

Enter in the insert form:
number: 1000
description: laborer
price: 26.5
unit: h

Click the insert button on the input form. Or select the insert button and press ALT-ENTER.

We enter now some extra cost types.
1010 skilled laborer 28.5 h
1020 operator 32.5 h
1030 foreman 37.5 h
1040 flagger 16 h
1050 track hoe operator 28 h
1060 dozer operator 28 h
1070 roller operator 27 h
2000 wheel truck 70 h
2010 dozer 35.28 h
2020 roller 45.83 h
2030 track hoe 76.48 h
7000 dump fee 1.75 m3

When we are done, we click on the stop button. This is not really necessary. You can skip this step.

Now, go back to the estimator view. Select in the menu bar: System > Estimator. Or click the home button. The home button brings you always to the estimator view.