Estimator Application

With this free program you can create estimations for constructions, print an estimation and a proposal.
Main goal of this program is to make quickly estimations of contracts with little as possible time and effort through the reuse of concepts that you have previously thought of.

Characteristics of the application:
- default cost type & group library;
- project cost type & group library;
- copying of substantiations from different estimations;
- copying of contract specifications from different estimations;
- export to and import from estimations and cost type libraries from and to excel;
- print an estimation;
- print a proposal;
- it is portable;
- it is free.

Unzip the file. Place it anywhere you want. It stays there. Start Estimator_1.99.26.xx.exe. If you do not have the correct java version, it opens the browser. So you can download it. If you double click it, first appears a warning dialog box. After agreeing, the program starts. Immediately there will be created a folder, with all the database files. The file and the folder must always remain together.

Download: Estimator 10.961 MB (For linux, bsd, mac, unix: jar.)

Change log
Have a look at the changelog.

Make first a copy of the DB folder and the old exe file. Place the new exe file in the same folder as where the DB folder is. Double click the new exe file and check if everything is okay. Yes? Then your update succeeded.


The program was initially developed to be able to calculate with rsx files. At the time there were no free alternatives. To give the program a wider applicability it has also a proposal library. If one has a default proposal it is very easy to use it again and again. In that context also the small spreadsheet alias dim pad on the side was developed. Prices can be rapidly updated with excel imports. User input let to several modifications. It was fun to create something like this. It is mainly a hobby project.

Operating system
This application works on all Windows platforms. If you work on an unix, an unix like, a linux or mac system, you can find the jar next to the download link for the exe. Use terminal and the command: java -jar Estimator_1.99.26.xx.jar.

If you have any questions or get stuck. Then you can mail to Within 24 hours you will have a mail from us. Feel free to send any comments.

User requests
- Make additional support for working with cost type strings next to working with cost type numbers. (in progress)
  - Dev: add extra column to database for cost type (ready)
  - Dev: adapt cost type (ready)
  - Dev: adapt cost type library (ready)
  - Dev: adapt project cost type table model (ready)
  - Dev: adapt default cost type table model (ready)
  - Dev: adapt project cost type table editor (ready)
  - Dev: adapt default cost type table editor (ready)
  - Dev: adapt general data (ready)
  - Dev: adapt project cost type view (ready)
  - Dev: adapt default cost type view (ready)
  - Dev: adapt generic view (ready)
  - Dev: adapt number field (on hold)
  - Dev: adapt number editor (on hold)
  - Dev: adapt tutorial (on hold)
  - Dev: adapt project data (ready)
  - Dev: adapt database for project data (ready)
  - Dev: adapt project data view (ready)
  - Dev: adapt settings view (ready)
  - Dev: adapt project creation (ready)
  - Dev: adapt substantiation model (on hold)
  - Dev: adapt substantiation editor (on hold)
  - Dev: adapt database settings (ready)
  - Cur: move from dev to cur (on hold)
- Video tutorial. (on hold)
- Dutch tutorial (old user request) (on hold)

Evil trick
It is possible to open a proposal you printed as pdf in word. Next, you can adapt your proposal.

Known bugs
- When the last specification row is selected. And you click on insert, nothing happens. Fixed.

This application is freeware. You can download the license agreement.


Useful tools and resources

False positive virus alert
If your download gets deleted after download. You can first install java. After that, you download the jar file instead of the zip with exe. This generates a warning too, but you can ignore that. Next, double click the jar. More information about false positives in this article: Antivirus companies cause a big headache to small developers.

Thank you to
Thank you to all who contributed great ideas and reported bugs.